Gralimex Import Export JSC

  • Thanh Hoa, Vietnam

  • +84 237 8655789

Gralimex Import Export JSC


Taxcode: 2802441771

Add: No.4, Quang Hung Ward, Thanh Hoa City

Representative: LE TUAN MINH

Established year: 2017

Organization structure

Gralimex has 3 main departments, in which the main agricultural products are produced and processed for export; By-products are used as animal feed and processed into other products; And research and development department of agricultural products.

Development history

Gralimex has been established and continuously developed during its operation, from a small factory in Dong Linh, to now the company has a spacious and modern office, a spacious production base and a large business scale. revenue reached nearly 100 billion VND/year (2022).

In the next phase, the company is preparing to build a pineapple processing plant and pineapple by-products on an area of 5 hectares in Ha Trung, Thanh Hoa. The project is expected to bring thousands of jobs to workers and increase the value of local pineapple products.

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